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 Thermal Acupressure Device, Jade stone 3/9 Ball New Ceragem,   Quick OverviewThe Rea...
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 Thermal Acupressure Device, Jade stone 3/9 Ball New Ceragem,  

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The Real Truth of Thermal Acupressure 15 Point Acupressure Therapy
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Thermal Acupressure International is having presence in more than 65 countries and have many branches in and around Karnal, Delhi. The purpose of this Blog is to share my experience to the world. They give FREE of cost treatment at their pain relief centres & thus creating awareness towards such a miraculous infrared therapy.

Thermal Acupressure Therapy has came from South Korea. It is an amazing 100% natural therapy using Thermal acupressure massage which increases blood circulation, purifies blood, increases immunity, relieves stress and aligns your spinal cord. It is really hard to say if there is any side effects of Thermal therapy.

There is no doubt that there are several benefits of this therapy & currently this therapy is being provided by many other International (Nuga Best, Migun, Vigen etc) & National Players even like I also do believe that by covering the basic 15 points on our spinal cord, many of the diseases can be controlled.

The doubts are created when Thermal Acupressure, at its centres claims for cure of diseases & says, “a particular point is there for controlling a particular disease“. How can any company claim for cure of all diseases just by the use of a machine? Is it scientifically approved & tested? How can they claim that there is a particular point on spinal cord for cure of diseases? For example, according to Thermal Acupressure, Asthma can be cured by 4th Point of their therapy. They also give a 2 minute extra acupressure on the particular point if a patient is suffering from that particular disease. Details of their points are given below:-

Points and the Benefits

1st Point :- Heals back pain, Knee pain, Kidney stone, Kidney problem, Cholesterol, Skin problem, Arthritis, Disc Problem, Balance Ability, Strength & Stamina, Blood circulation, Blood Production

2nd Point :- Heals Stomach Problems, Ulcer, hernia , Appendices, Intestine Problems , Gas Problem & Weight reduction.

3rd Point :- Heals Diabetes, Gall bladder stone, Liver problem, Jaundice

4th Point :- Heals Wheezing problem, Asthma, TB, Breathing problem ,bronchitis problem

5th Point :- Heals Heart Problem, Vein Problem

6th Point :- Heals Shoulder Pain, High Blood Pressure, Low Blood Pressure

7th Point :- Heals Shoulder pain, Hand numbness, Hand blood circulation

8th Point :- Heals ENT Problems, Sinus , Thyroid, Brain Cells growth, memory power, Head ache, eye pressure

9th Point :- Same as 1st Point

10th Point :- Heals Knee pain, Foot burning, Foot Pain, numbness, weak leg nerves

11th Point :- Heals Prostrate Gland, Testis ,Ovaries, urine infection, urinary bladder problem

12th Point :- Heals Piles ,Fistula , Back problems, Constipation, Prostate Gland

13th Point :- Same as 3rd Point

14th Point :- Same as 2nd Point

15th Point :- Heals abdominal problems, ulcer, Uterus, Irregular menses, white discharge & itching problems.

My question is if we already know that there is some particular points in our body then what’s the need of giving full 15 point therapy? e.g. we can also give only 4th point that is connected with asthma for a patient suffering from asthma. This way, time and money both will be saved. Isn’t it?

Thermal Acupressure also knows that this is not the real truth. The truth is that it is employing uneducated or less educated staff at its centres & they are trained to give all the 15 points to everyone. We shall employ more trained & educated staff at our centres afterall its the question of public health. The real truth is also that our spinal cord is connected with the roots of the nervous system. There are several vertebrae on our spinal cord and no single point can be responsible for a particular health problem. It is quite clear from the nervous system chart given below:-

Nevous System Chart from

There are several set of colors for easy understanding. You can clearly see in this image that many points are related to many type of diseases. For a single disease like Asthma even, the full set of Cervical & Thoracic Spinal Cord region is connected. See this chart carefully, diagnose your problems & take the decision yourself. Many of you must have already tried the Thermal Acupressure treatment & you must be aware of What is saying Thermal Acupressure about the concept of Particular Point. Is really Thermal Acupressure following the correct approach?

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