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 Muscle Massage Gun Electric Body Massager Deep Vibration Pain Relief Shaping Muscle Relaxation...
Product:  Massage Gun
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 Muscle Massage Gun Electric Body Massager Deep Vibration Pain Relief Shaping Muscle Relaxation Therapy Equipment Gun
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Tissue Massage Gun Muscle Massager Muscle Pain Management after Training Exercising Body Relaxation Slimming Shaping Pain Relief
1. ≤45dB low noise
It is quiet. Whisper quiet when compared to other massage. Compact and lightweight, the massager is designed to be flat, small, and easy to be carried around. The muscle massager uses pulsating vibrations to provide benefits for health.
2. 60Hz high frequency stimulation
The massager can activate the muscles, stimulate blood flow, greatly reduce muscle recovery time, relieve pain and relax from head to toe.
3. Equipped with 4 massage heads.
4 types of massage heads can be switched, custom soft massage heads provide a comfortable massage experience while reducing bone damage.
The standard massage head is suitable for small muscle groups.
The large massage head is suitable for large muscle groups.
The cone-shape massage hear is designed for joint parts, deep tissue, trigger points.
4. 6-speed shifting, adjustable speed
6-speed shifting design to meet different massage needs. Allowing you to on deep tissue work, increased circulation, or mobility. Every muscle is different, different shape, size, function.
Power Charger
–Rated input: 110~240V 50/60Hz Battery
–Type: Li-ion
–Capacity: 2500mAh
–Working Hour: 2-3 Hours
–Speed: 1200-3300 rev/min
One key start, Six speed shift
1-2 gear: Muscle awakening
3-4 gear: Decomposition of lactic acid
5-6 gear: Deep massage
Using time:
1. Shoulder: 15 s-20 s x 3 times
2. Chest: 30 s
3. Back: 30 s-1 min x 3 times
4. Hip: 30 s-1 min x 4 times
5. Lower limb: 20 s -30 s x 3 times
45 db bass noise design
1. Do not touch or press the massage head during operation.
2. Do not impact the joint fascia. Generally speaking, it is only applicable to the muscle soft tissue. If you directly impact the joint, it is almost the same as knocking the joint on the stone. It is easy to cause joint damage.
3. Not all parts are suitable for use. The thickness of the muscles such as the neck and armpits is thin, and it is not recommended to use the fascia gun at the site of the organs and aorta.
4. The use time in the same position is controlled within 1 minute.
5. Do not use: infants, minors, pregnant women, Wear pacemakers, fractures or metals in the body should not be used.

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