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Last Updated : Nov 21, 2020 18:40 pm

 Brelia Popcorn MakerEasy to operateCooking popcorn without the use of greaseSafe, fun and quic...
Product:  Brelia Popcorn Maker
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Product Details
 Brelia Popcorn Maker

Easy to operate
Cooking popcorn without the use of grease
Safe, fun and quick way to make your own popcorn
Simple on / off system
Easy to clean
Cooking hot air popcorn in about 3 minutes
Transparent lid and filler cup
Up to 16 cups of popcorn at a time
Popcorn gadget from Brelia, who makes use of warm air to poppy kernels absolutely without the want for fat. Perfect for movie nights with pals or circle of relatives, or as a snack for the lunch package. Popcorn inside the wholesome manner. Make your personal fat-unfastened popcorn and upload just the taste you need. There is nothing like domestic-made tasty popcorn.


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