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Last Updated : Feb 10, 2020 16:06 pm
 Gold & Silver Golden & Silver Magnetic Acupressure Ball, for Personal, For BodyGolden ...
Product:  Acupuncture Hand Ball
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 Gold & Silver Golden & Silver Magnetic Acupressure Ball, for Personal, For Body

Golden & Silver Magnetic Acupressure Ball

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The earth is a large magnet
we are effected by magnetic field all the time.
Like air, water and sunshine, magnet is one of the indispensable factors for us to live.
Under the magnetic field''s effect, people form their own magnetic field.
As mensurated, heart, lung,brain,muscle and nerve have different levels of micro magnetic field.
But because environment changes, living rhythm speeds up and nerve tenses up, some people''s own magnetic field inevitably fouls up.
Scientific research discovers that, supplement -magnetism physical therapeutics can prevent illness, and protect health.
Also lack of practice of hands and legs is the origin of all illness, in life and work
because of various pressure, people are easy to be fat, blood needle equipment can prevent lack of practice and adult''s common illness.

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