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Last Updated : Jul 16, 2020 19:50 pm

 Six Pack Care Pro Six Pack Fitness Machine with Paddle Product details of Six Pack Care P...
Product:  Six Pack Care-Pro
Product ID: 93
NPR 15000
NPR 12500
Qty:  Pieces
Total: NPR 12500
Weight :17.0 Kg

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Product Details
 Six Pack Care Pro Six Pack Fitness Machine with Paddle 

Product details of Six Pack Care Pro Six Pack Fitness Machine with Paddle
360 º Rotating Seat
Strengthens the cardiovascular system
Helps prevent back pain
Acts on your entire core
Gives you the perfect six pack abs
Specifications of Six Pack Care Pro Six Pack Fitness Machine with Paddle.
Best all in one exercise machine at affordable price. 

No of Springs: 4-6 (6 springs in 19 kg Six Pack Care)

Gross Weight: 12/16/19 Kg

Cycling: Yes in all

Twister: Yes (Only in 19 kg six pack care)

Six Pack Abs is currently trending fitness machine in Nepal and comes with cycling, twister, 360 rotating seats and many more accessories. You can perform multiple set of exercise more effectively and help yourself to loose your belly fat, and start generating Six Pack Shape. Cycling helps you to burn more calories and shaper your thigh and entire leg. Strings ropes for hand maintain your hand’s shapes. Home delivery all over Nepal.

Cycling(1), Stretchable rope for hand(2), Roller 4 or 4 Pairs, Springs 4 or 3 pairs, 360 degree totating seat.

More feature:

180 degrees of Motion works on every muscle of your core – Upper Abs, Mid Abs and Lower Abs simultaneously Dual Crunches and ab Toning because you get Regular Crunches when you move forward and reverse crunches when you move Back ward Comfortable Relaxed Seating position – No pain on neck, Back or Arms The machine back rollers gives a relaxing massage while it works to strengthen your abdomen muscles The Wonder Ab Core machine is equipped with two chest expanding Strings which strengthens your Arms, Shoulder and Back Muscles Cuts off Excess Fat from full Body The 180 Degrees Stretch gives relief to back pain for those who suffer from back pain Slim Folding design makes it easier to carry and store.

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