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Multi Function Portable Electric Lunch Box (0 out of 5 based on 25 user ratings)

Last Updated : Oct 10, 2020 10:04 am

Multi Function Portable Electric Lunch Box The Electric Lunch BoxDescriptionUsing high temperat...
Product:  Multi Function Portable Electric Lunch Box
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Product Details
Multi Function Portable Electric Lunch Box

 The Electric Lunch Box


Using high temperature resistant environmental materials
Stylish and fashionable appearance, without odor, healthy
The steam device is designed as a round cover, keeping the food fresh
The use of PTC heating elements is safer, more convenient and energy - saving
The design of recycle heating in low power keeps the food warm and fresh
Dual - function for heating and warm keeping
Anytime and anywhere, fresh, hot meal you can eat.

Product Details

Product Name : Electronic Heating Lunch Box
Model : HL - L300/HL-L301
Power : 40W
Voltage : 220V
Frequency : 50Hz
Capacity : 1.05L (Rice Box 0.06L, Dish Box 0.45L)
Carton Dimension : 180 X 115 X 247 MM
Warranty Policy:
Every product we will be check and ensure all items are in good condition.
Customers need to submit the request within 7 days from the date of receiving, (based on tracking system) .
The item must be in an 'as new' condition and returned in the ORIGINAL, undamaged packaging with the accessories.Any of these missing, the return request will not be entertained.
The warranty is invalid if:


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