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Last Updated : May 05, 2020 13:46 pm

 MAYO Reduce Breast Size Hot Gel Natural Absolute Effective For Tomboy Women 30 gLearn This Bef...
Product:  Mayo Breast Absolut Reduce Gel/Breast Smaller Cream
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Product Details
 MAYO Reduce Breast Size Hot Gel Natural Absolute Effective For Tomboy Women 30 g

Learn This Before Use.

Condition: New

Quantity: 1 PC.

1 Mayo Absolute Breast Less Hot Gel 30 g.

Product Details

What is MAYO Absolute Breast Less

And who are the most appropriate to use?

• For tomboy ( female ) who want to be like real men ( male ) or sometime it is not comfortable in doing life activity

• For fat men who having big chest like a women and it doesn’t look good or hard to choose a good cloth.

• For a mother who have a child,they chest will become more bigger and it also makes the breasts lose shape.

• Absolute Breast Less will help you to reduce your chest without any side effects and prohibited substances.

It also helps to shape the breast.

Customers can rely on the product fully.And used with ease.

How does it work?

• Ingredients from nature that can actually decrease Breast. Its function is to break down fat by burning.

It can burn fat through sweat or urine.

and It will fit the shape of your breasts also.

Our products have been standards of real users, and through standards of GMP,And standards of ” The Food and Drug Administration ” in Thailand.

The Product have 2 types

• HOT gel focus on burning fat faster

• Cool gel focus on reduce and fitting the shape.

*** Use both of types will help burning fat faster and will fit your breast shape also.****

MAYO Natural Absolute, Breast Reduction Gel, 30 g. Thailand FDA Approval.

Reduce the size of Breasts to be smaller. Wear clothes confidently.

New choices for handsome girls. Do not waste money to cut the breast.

Reduce breast size. And reduce costs. When to go out surgery.

Gentle, not allergic to herbal ingredients. Secret formula of Mayo

Hot formula reduces sensitivity + Cool formula to tighten. Use fast coupling urgent.

Apply continuously. Before exercise, reduce chest faster 2 times.

Tom MAYO Gel Breast Reduction Gel 30 G. or 80 G.

Production and production control of LAB with GMP standard

The product of MAYO. It has GMP standards and has been certified by Thai and Australian Labs.

So use our gel absolutely safe.

With herbal ingredients. And vitamins and skin care.

Will not hurt the skin, not biting the skin, which reduces the size of the chest. It also helps to tighten and soften skin

Gentle, even sensitive skin. Suitable for the skin of the chest.

See real results guaranteed with thousands of real user reviews. And run with sales. More repeat orders.

Net Idol (Tom) trust us. And introduce our products.

If you are one with a problem with the chest is too big. MAYO breast reduction gel and see the real results. Then your problems will go away.

To use: Apply after morning and evening shower.

Hot Gel

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